Alexander Engzell
The Creative Director
There will be noise.


Design Provocateur.

Made in Sweden to a mess of intense internal disorientation. His father died young, leaving Engzell an inheritance that he spent on drug-fuelled nightmares before turning 18, a decision for which he was consumed with regret.

Intruding on any professional industry aged only fifteen, without education and experience, will test a person. Engzell has always maintained his talent in design was fortunate. Isn’t this the nature of talent? It comes to us Godsent; the rest is hell, hard work and struggle. Free from the rule of formal education and traditional mentorship, Engzell navigated through a hell of his own invention, motivated by the fire of internal conflict.

Is it possible that this early friction forced the extreme behaviour for which he is known today? With no choice but independence, make something of yourself.

When is Engzell covering his body in traditional Japanese tattoo? At which point would you step back? Will 2017 really be his final year? Why do Engzell’s eyes look strange? How many times have Bonne Marque rejected being bought by larger agencies? Is he hellbent on self destruction? Are the rumours true? Is this industry corrupt? Is Bonne Marque really relocating to Tokyo this year? Can you read? Would you prefer a person who didn’t speak his mind? Who is the Eggman? Did you ever hear a pig bark like a dog? You understand now, don’t you?

My name is my name.

I’m driving me insane. Like being held underwater, I can’t breathe while my ideas wait to manifest. Inspiration approaches. I’m running out of time. It’s here.

Why share my stories of addiction, death and regret? By telling you the truth behind my personality, you learn the logic behind my design. Never separate the man from the designer. However turbulent and unruly, the connection to my history is my ongoing motivation. Made by disorder. Anyway, who wants the dull life? Wouldn’t you rather risk brilliance? He who positions his ambition on the absolute edge of what is possible lives the only real test. See the borders deform into possibility. Only then will you be satisfied, certain you have sacrificed drowning for your art, followed like a king.

The Kanye West of Webdesign,
Mélissa Petrucci -25 Aug 2016.


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